Ömer Ünal

Ömer Ünal

Ömer Ünal

Ömer Ünal started skateboarding in 1981. He designed and built Turkey’s first skateboard ramp in 1987, for Selamiçeşme, Kadıköy. Ünal graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty, Interior Design Department of Marmara University in 1996.He completed his master’s on design at the Domus Academy in 1997.

Ünal is a skateboard instructor and an interior architect. He took a break from skateboarding from 1997 to 2007. On his return to skateboarding in 2007, he organized SkateFest with Onur Akın, built mobile ramps for the venue on Caddebostan beach, and donated it to the skateboarders.

In 2000, he earned his second Master Diploma in Interior Design from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Interior Design Department and started providing architectural design, application and counseling services with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Engin Ünal at Ünal Architects. In 2000, he founded Ünal & Böler Studio with his partner Alper Böler in Istanbul, and they provided concept development and counseling services for residence projects like Oyak Konut, MM Project and Construction’s Çamlıca villas and Taşyapı’s Mashattan, Almondhill and Göztepe.

After completing his skateboard ramp project for skateboarding activities at Istanbul, Caddebostan beach in 2008, Ünal designed Turkey’s first concrete skateboard wave for the villa project he designed at Dragos. Ünal designed the ramps used at the Go Skateboarding Day, SkateFest events in 2009. Alçak Skate Park is also Ünal’s design where many competitions, concerts, exhibitions and shows are organized.

Ünal’s designs have been included in various exhibitions and organizations like Milano Slone Satellite (2005-2006-2007-2008), Milano Armani Theater, Wallpaper Exhibition (2005), Istanbul Fashion Week (2005), Cologne Messe (2005-2006-2007-2008-2009), 100% London Designers Block (2006-2007), Ilk in Milano (2006), "Babam ve Oğlum" (My Father and My Son) with Işık Gençoğlu as the curator (2009), Ideco Istanbul Furniture Fair (2010) and Istanbul Design Spirit Exhibition (2010).

Ünal won first place at Apple Design Project and second place at Driade Citrus Juicer Comp in 1997. Ünal & Böler Studio won first place for "Nar Sehpa" (Pomegranate Coffee Table) design at Istanbul Design Week in 2005, first place at Casio G-Shock Design, Gioa Casa Magazine Good Design Award for its Petek (Honeycomb) bookshelf, and first place at Mak Design Shop Award for its Salkım (Bunch) book hanger in 2006. “Sema” coffee table designed for Nurus won 2008 IF best design award.

Ömer Ünal continues to his design and project management work at Ünal & Böler Studio and teaches skateboarding at the Alçak Skate Park he runs.



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