Dance of rhythm and balance!

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Designed with inspiration from whirling (Sama) ceremony of Mevlevi culture, Sema has a plain look and a range of colour options, making it very convenient to be used in all living spaces including homes, hotels, cafés, work spaces and waiting rooms.

Sema magazine-holder version also organizes your magazines, newspapers, and books with a small touch.





Being human is to care for future generations.



Sema, has the (TSE) Suitability to Turkish Standards certificate. The wooden material used in Sema’s manufacturing is reusable up to 100%, and has an E1 Certificate.  The metal pieces used in Sema’s manufacturing and the material used in its packaging are 100% recyclable.


Sema is manufactured at Numaş A.Ş. facilities, which holds ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System Standard certificates.

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge, laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


Sema’s packaging is minimal, to minimize energy consumption during transportation.


The quality standards of Sema’s manufacturing and material allow the product to have a long life. International bodies certify Sema’s high level of product security.

End of life

The materials used in the manufacturing of the product may be re-used or recycled at the end of its product life.

Alper Böler - Ömer Ünal

Designers Ömer Ünal and Alper Böler, graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Marmara University. In 2000, they founded Ünal & Böler Studio in Istanbul, and they provide concept development and counseling services.

IF Product Design Award 2009

An international jury deemed Sema worthy of IF Product Design Award 2009, for transforming cultural heritage to a functional product that offers smart solutions.

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