Our Ethical Values


The purpose of this policy is to clearly outline the practices regarding anti-bribery and anti-corruption within Nurus Companies.


This policy; Nurus Companies include their employees and all third parties acting on behalf of our company.

All Nurus Company employees, including the members of the Board of Directors,

Companies providing support services such as Consultancy, Advocacy or Consultancy and their employees,

Outsourced sub-suppliers, subcontractors and their employees,

Persons and organizations working directly or indirectly on behalf of the Company, such as representatives, distributors, dealers, agents are covered by this policy.


Gift: Refers to a product that does not require any financial payment and is given publicly, in good faith and unconditionally as a thank you or commercial courtesy by people or customers with whom there is a business relationship.

Representation and Hospitality: Nurus' social events, accommodation, dinner invitation, education, conference, symposium and seminars etc. It refers to the activities performed within the scope of its activities.

Bribery: It refers to providing material and moral benefits to a person directly or indirectly within the framework of verbal or written agreement from the other party in order to do, not do, accelerate, slow down a job related to the performance of his duty.

Corruption: It is the abuse of the authority held due to the position, directly or indirectly, for any kind of gain.

Bribery and corruption can be carried out in many different ways. These;

Gift and / or donation

Cash payments



Other Benefits etc. countable.


It is obligatory for all our employees and all third parties acting on behalf of our company to know the rules contained in this policy and to act in accordance with these rules and the applicable legislation on anti-bribery and corruption while conducting their business.

In order to protect the reputation of our institution, it is the responsibility of everyone stated above to report any situation regarding the fight against bribery and corruption.

Within the scope of anti-bribery and corruption policy, activities are carried out to fulfill the following issues and necessary measures are taken:

Nurus prohibits any kind of payment to be made to facilitate and speed up any work. Nurus Company employees do not tolerate the other party's offering, promising, requesting, requesting, giving or accepting it in their relations with third parties.

Nurus establishes business relationships with parties that are deemed to protect its reputation and work in accordance with its anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy. People, suppliers, dealers and contractors who establish a relationship with Nurus and work on its behalf must agree to comply with the applicable legal regulations and our anti-bribery and corruption policy.

Employees may not be compelled to act in violation of this policy under any circumstances or by anyone.

Safe and accessible communication channels are provided where employees can report violations of this policy and suspicious situations.


The Human Resources Manager as the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Officer, the Human Resources Specialist as the deputy in his absence, is responsible for the following:

It provides information programs to employees and business partners about the anti-bribery and anti-corruption program.

It gives an opinion on anti-corruption.

It investigates any reported acts of corruption.

In case of suspected or actual acts of corruption, it has the authority to investigate the issue, request and examine all kinds of documents and carry them to the CEO when necessary.


Nurus Companies have implemented the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy as an indicator of their sensitivity to business ethics. Employees and all business partners are expected to be sensitive to this issue, since the issue is a legally punitive act in addition to business ethics.

Nurus has adopted as a principle to comply with the laws and regulations within the scope of bribery and corruption, universal legal rules, ethical and professional principles in all countries where it operates and is represented.

Our policy as Nurus Group companies with the vision of being a pioneering company in the office furniture sector, which produces products that are internationally recognized, desired and "lifestyle", and can always offer the most competitive and creative solutions in all markets; To design products that shape the future with an innovative approach based on development,

To follow economic, cultural and social changes closely, to listen to users, to understand their needs correctly, to offer products that are human-oriented, functional, and that can respond to changing emotions and habits,

To increase our knowledge and experience by following technological developments and to develop our stakeholders in this direction,

To work with great enthusiasm to share our knowledge, suggestions and solutions in order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers with the principle of continuous improvement by following the entire process from supply to production, from production to delivery,

To produce permanent solutions to make the world we live in a better place by caring for its employees as well as its customers with its human-oriented approach,

By making the necessary investments for sustainability with our knowledge and experience, to share this awareness with our suppliers and stakeholders as well as our employees, to prevent environmental pollution by minimizing our waste amount and environmental impacts with efficient and applicable waste management,

To protect, process and monitor the information shared with our stakeholders in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in accordance with the necessary legal regulations and contracts,

To evaluate hazards and take precautions in order to prevent occupational diseases and occupational accidents that may arise from our activities and to minimize the effects of risks,

To strengthen our position in the office furniture market of the countries with our design and products, as well as with our foreign units.



If there is any opinion or suspicion that an employee or a person acting on behalf of Nurus is acting against this policy, it should be conveyed to the communication channels regarding “Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption”. No employee can be subjected to pressure or maltreatment (disciplinary action, dismissal, mobbing, threats, etc.) due to a report made because they believe there is a violation. The identity of the persons who make a notification about Anti-Corruption is kept confidential and the issues conveyed are examined within the scope of confidentiality rules.

Our communication channels to report questions about our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy and those who violate the rules set forth in this policy or suspicious situations that could damage our reputation and trust are as follows:

E-mail: i

Phone: 0 (312) 589 00 00

Address: Sincan Organize San. Böl.. Oguz Cad. No: 25 Sincan / Ankara / Turkey


All employees and persons acting on behalf of Nurus are obliged to comply with this policy, relevant legal regulations and all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws while conducting their business.

Not knowing the rules in this policy cannot be accepted as an excuse for violation.


This policy has been published with the approval of the Board of Directors, it is regularly reviewed, the necessary updates are made and announced by way of announcement.


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