Benefits beyond what you’d expect from an armchair.

More than just a sofa.

Harmony and integrity for all.

Benefits beyond what you’d expect from an armchair.

All you need is To.

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The working population is on the rise. We are expected to create accordingly efficient spaces which can be used for more than one purpose. To is a smart and human-centered design piece which serves for both leisure and work. For home or professional use; for rest or at an informal meeting, for you… For To, we drew inspiration from the Divan (Turkish for sofa/council) Culture of Ottoman where face-to-face communication highly mattered.

We aimed to enhance certain aspects of nonverbal communication through design and found To to allow the effective use of jests and help its hosts maintain eye contact during gatherings. The depth and height of the seat strengthens communication and reduces the hierarchy between participants. With To, everyone is equally dominant. Also, contrary to a traditional meeting, all attendees may simultaneously review documents on To’s low coffee table and maintain a degree of control. This simple-mindedness also helps increase the influence of the presenter or speaker on his listeners.




   “We chose Nurus as our solution partner while designing our offices at Entek Plaza.
Chosen for our guests and with the purpose of designing a modernist meeting area,
TO allowed us to create an excellent office atmosphere.
Apart from this product group that has a quality and ergonomics balance,
the brand’s pre and after sale services were important for us.”

Tanju Taşer - Finance and Administrate Works Coordinator
Entek Pnömatik San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Being human is to care for future generations.



The foam, the plyboard for the inner frame and the massive beech material used in manufacturing To Sofas and the wooden material with E1 certificate used in cabinets&coffee tables is reusable up to 100% and the metal legs are 100% recyclable.

The fabrics used in the upholstery for To hold the TREVIRA CS, OEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD, IMO-MED, RECYCLABLE and EU ECOLABEL Certificates. The fabrics used have passed the abrasion resistance (Martindale test), light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02), fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12) and fire resistance tests; in conformity with European norms.


To is manufactured at Numaş A.Ş. facilities, which holds the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System Standard certificates.

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge and laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


To’s packaging is made from 100% recyclable material and it is kept minimal in size, to decrease energy consumption during transportation.


The quality standards of To’s manufacturing and material, allow the product to have a long life. International bodies certify its high level of product security.

End of Life

The materials used in the manufacturing of To may be re-used or recycled at the end of its product life.


“There is a world that I want to create. A modest and simple life. I want to create a life that is more comfortable,by reducing the crowd that surrounds everyone…
I’m trying to provide a modest and simple life, but always innovative. I want it to be exciting too. I want every product to be functional, and be able to build an emotional connection with its user while serving the users rational world. Just like TO.”


Tanju Özelgin

Born in 1962, in Istanbul, Tanju Özelgin graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Industrial Design Department of the Marmara University in 1984. In 1987, Tanju Özelgin founded Scala Design, and 1987 he designed and implemented projects for fair stands, yachts, showrooms, homes, offices, publicity campaigns, furniture and industrial products. Between 1993-1995, he worked with IN Mobilya (IN Furniture), of which he was a founding partner and cofounded Parlak Kırmızı (Bright Red) in 1996 with Ertan Binme, where they concentrated on interior design projects and applications, designs and development of industrial products, preparation of digital and video graphics. Since 2005, he continues his work at TO Design Studio, which focuses on interior design and industrial product design.
Özelgin also continues to work as faculty member and project counselor since 1998. He is a jury member, exhibition participant and workshop manager in many competitions.

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