Motivation and happiness
that binds us together.

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Wouldn’t you rather work, drawing inspiration from a source of constant renovation and motivation? Add some sparkle to your daily routine with Picnic. The joy and viridity of the traditional picnic culture is here and it brings people together at the workplace as much as in the social sphere.

An extraordinary design approach that emphasizes freedom and comfort above all transforms meetings into casual instances. Be it individual or collaborative teamwork; brainstorming, recreational or a leisure activity; Picnic will produce happiness by changing the way employees regard work.


Being human is to care for future generations.



Picnic has the (TSE) Suitability to Turkish Standards certificate.

The metal pieces used in Picnic’s manufacturing are 100% recyclable and the wooden material with E1 Certificate is reusable up to 100%. Fabric used in its letter pad has passed the abrasion resistance (Martindale test), light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02), fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12) and fire resistance tests that are in conformity with European norms


Picnic is manufactured at Numaş A.Ş. facilities, which holds the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System Standard certificates.

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge and laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


Picnic’s packaging that has been made from 100% recyclable material is minimal to decrease energy use during transportation.


The quality standards of Picnic’s manufacturing and material, allow the product to have a long life. International bodies certify its high level of product security.

End of Life

The materials used in its manufacturing may be re-used or recycled at the end of its product life.

Ece Yalım Design Studio

Ece and Oğuz Yalım founded Artful Interior Design in 1996 and Ece Yalım Design Studio in 2004. Ece and Oğuz Yalım work in venue and product design and apart from their own brand they design home, office furniture, lighting and accessories for AHK Interiors, Arlight, Ar-Yıldız, Atlas Halı, Kale, GW Global Warehouse, Nurus, Moonlight, Paşabahçe Mağazaları and Rapido.

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