Atilla Kuzu

Atilla Kuzu

Atilla Kuzu

Born in 1963 in Istanbul, Atilla Kuzu graduated from the Interior Design Department, Fine Arts Faculty of Industrial Design of Marmara University in 1987. He worked at Temel Sanat Mimarlık Ofisi (Architectural Firm) in 1986-1987, Redesign Mimarlık Ofisi (Architectural Firm) in 1987-1988 and Leo Design Mimarlık Ofisi (Architectural Firm) in 1988-1989. Kuzu worked at Midek A.Ş. between 1990 and 1994, renewed, and constructed the Beymen, Derimod, Vakko, Yargıcı and Roman stores. In 1994, he cofounded Zoom Tasarım Proje Uygulama (Zoom TPU/Design Project Application) with Levent Çırpıcı.

Atilla Kuzu attended many conferences, exhibitions and competitions. He was a participant at ‘Interior Design in Turkey and Germany’ organized at the Istanbul Commerce University in 2005; a speaker at the ‘Projects and Applications’ organized at the Karadeniz Technical University and at the conference organized at the Çukurova University in 2006; a speaker at the ‘Interior Design and Furniture Design’ conference organized by the Turkish Chamber of Architects and a participant in the ‘Home Design with a Single Material’ workshop organized at the Karadeniz Technical University in 2007; a jury member at the ArkiParc’08 Fair organized in Istanbul and a participant at the “Fractal Geometry” workshop organized at the Karadeniz Technical University in 2008; a jury member at the 5th National Home Furniture Design Competition organized in Istanbul a participant at the Fractal Geometry workshop organized for Interior Design students of Anadolu University and at the ‘Fractal Geometry’ workshop organized at the International Cyprus University and as a jury member at the Interior Design Projects finals organized by Izmir Commerce University in 2009.

Kuzu also was a speaker at the ‘Industrial Design for Added Value in the Construction Sector’ and ‘Advice to Students on Design and Interior Design’ conferences organized in Istanbul, again a speaker at Career Days organized at the Yeditepe University, at the ‘Design Process’ conference organized at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and at the conference organized at the Maltepe University in 2010.

Kuzu was a jury member at the Meerschaum Stone Design Competition organized in Eskişehir in 2010.

Kuzu has many national and international awards and he won 2nd place in the fair stand designed in accordance with its purpose category at the International Turkeybuild Fair in 1998. In 1999, he made it to the final with his work called ‘Taklamakan’ at the competition organized by IFDA in Asahikama, Japan for wood furniture, with the motto ‘Design with Love, Love with Wood’. In 2002, Kuzu won an award with his ‘Barringer’ coffee table at the wood furniture design competition organized by IFDA every three years; Barringer is now manufactured in Japan. Kuzu and his partner Levent Çırpıcı was among the finalists at the World Architectural Festival for their interior design of the Acıbadem Maslak Hospital in 2009.

In 2010, Atilla Kuzu won first place in the Stand Designed Suitable to its Purpose with the stand he designed for Aspen Construction Systems Company at the YAPI Istanbul fair. At the same year, Kuzu was deemed worthy of the Best Kitchen Design award for the ‘Open’ series he created for INTEMA, at Elle Décor Edida.




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