Modern lines with a romantic touch.


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Compact home desk with sophisticated features

With their functional designs and sophisticated features offered in a compact form, Renée desks bring a cozy and elegant workspace to home.

No more cable mess, plus removable magnetic storage shelves or anti-stain desk pad. Renée’s warm wood desktop endorses a sincere sense besides its modern features.




Enriching its elegance with strong features, Renée creates a relaxed work environment at home. Fitted with an electrification solution, the desk gives access to all your power connections from your seat and reduces cable clutter.


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Nurus Design Lab

Nurus D Lab (Nurus Design Lab) is effective in every phase, from determining the design strategy of the brand to launching the product in the market. During the product development phase, Nurus Design Lab cooperates with other designers in harmony and cooperation. The starting point for the designs is the user’s needs and functionality. The phase continues with ergonomics, sustainability and aesthetic concerns and stays up-to-date by following technological developments.

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