The GREENGUARD Certification Program (formerly known as GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification) gives assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. Achieving GREENGUARD Certification gives credence to manufacturers’ sustainability claims, backing them with empirical scientific data from an unbiased, third-party organization.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification) offers stricter certification criteria, considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. It is referenced by both The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.


Form, composure and integrity
during work.

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Uneo is a self-adjusting, high-performance task chair that dynamically responds to your body weight. Its durable frame brilliantly supports posture changes. The 70cm 5-star base diameter helps maintain balance against tipping and encourages safety at work, as well as freedom of movement.

Uneo’s sturdy and ergonomic build, its stylish and contemporary look makes it a natural choice for modern offices, personal workspaces like home-offices. Overall, it is the perfect match for any desk-bound task and an advanced performance task chair.

  • Synchronous back tilt mechanism
  • Integrated lumbar support.
  • Light gray or black frame.
  • Rich fabric, leather or eco-leather material options for the seat.
  • High-tech mesh fabric backrest.
  • Concealed control buttons for increased safety and aesthetics.





Backrest Tilt

Uneo has a backrest tilt capacity of 20,5 degrees and it may be limited in three different positions and locked upright position.


Sitting Depth

By fine tuning the seat depth, a more natural and supportive sitting experience becomes achievable. Adjustable seat slide mechanism allows easy back and forward adjustment of the seat pan. It also helps users with different upper leg lengths to effectively find their most comfortable seated position.



Lumbar Support

Lower back pain is second to the common cold in causing sick days. First adjust your seat depth to a natural position and then adjust lumbar support to accommodate your height and body type. Make sure your back is resting firmly against it.


Armrest Height

Easily and individually adjust each armrest’s height to minimize the risk of discomfort. Ideally, the work surface should be at level with or a rest a little lower than your elbow. Adjusting armrests to your task in this way helps reduce the recurrence of repetitive strain injuries like tennis elbow or CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome).


Armrest Pad Width

If anytime you feel that adjusting the armrests widths were not enough, you may fine tune each armrest pad width to your working comfort. Each wrist is cared for!



Armrest Pad Rotation

Pads may be adjusted in a full 360 degree fashion. By mimicking the elbow angle, they allow for the correct body posture to be maintained.



Armrest Pad Movement

Easily slide the armrest pads forward and backwards to support your elbows in various working positions. 



Armrest Width

Minimize articular disturbances caused by long hours of work. Reduce accumulating fatigue in the shoulders and the neck by customizing the armrest width to your body and your task.


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Being human is to care for future generations.



Uneo complies with TSE (Turkish Standarts Institute) certifications.

The fabrics used in Uneo’s backrest and seat have passed tests for abrasion resistance (Martindale Test), light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02), fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12), and fire resistance that are in conformity with European norms.

Uneo has been certificated by GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold.



Uneo is manufactured at Bock GmbH & Co. who holds DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certificates and assembled at Numas A.S which pertains to Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and International Work Safety (OHSAS 18001) standards. 

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge and laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


Uneo’s packaging made of 100% recyclable materials is kept to a minimum in order to decrease energy consumption during transportation.


The quality standards of Uneo’s manufacturing and material, allow the product to have a long life. International bodies certify its high level of product security.

End of Life

The materials used in the manufacturing of Uneo may be re-used or recycled at the end of its product life.


Uneo Dyna Support Plus®

Uneo Dyna-Support Plus® reacts to the weight of you, eliminating the need to make any special adjustments. It is a weight activated mechanism with synchronous motion that helps keep your body in a healthy, natural position through average working hours. Allows 20.5 degrees of back tilt motion. May be locked in an upright position and limited 3 different angles.



Martin Ballendat

Ballendat, whose elegant and simplistic designs that are ahead of their time are recognized all around the world, has been holding an effective power in fields of interior and industrial design for over 25 years. In 1995, while he was the department head of design and product development in Wiesner Hager Company in Austria; he founded Design Ballendat operating in Germany, and later on in Austria as well. Ballendat owns numerous international awards, and has been teaching classes in Graz and Salzburg as visiting professor for over 15 years.

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