Safe and smart performance task chair.


As in the design process of the workplace, the purpose of use and working style should be prioritized in the selection of the work chairs. Not every seat may offer the comfort and efficiency you seek in every working model. Mou is a smart performance task chair that supports different work models. 

Mou arm rests and arm supports, which we designed to minimize the health problems caused by long sitting at work, can be adjusted. During back bend, the back and seat font move synchronously, keeping the distance between your waist and back in a balanced way. Thanks to its mechanism, the back of the Mou can be limited at different angles and fixed in an upright position.

The robust and ergonomic structure of Mou is an ideal choice for all work areas from open offices to home offices and workplaces where shift working system is applied.

Another feature of Mou performance task chair is that the back heights can be adjusted according to your body size. The suitable back height for you helps you work more efficiently by supporting your upper body during work.  Mou is designed in accordance with international safety norms, it has an EN 1335 and ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-2017/5 certificate from the International-accredited test laboratory.

Designed by: Ayşe Bor


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