Eon Terminal



Stay connected while waiting with
Eon Terminal.

German Design Award Special Mention 2018

Sharing the same design language with parent Eon family, Eon Terminal offers a comfort beyond expectations with its integrated body and unique back incline. Eon terminal facilitates cleaning with the gap between chair seat and backrest, and also helps with security checks and makes dropped belongings visible.

You can combine 5 chairs of Eon using the connection apparatus; both chairs and coffee tables can move over the beams to create different combinations. Eon Terminal feature optional armrests, including one that has Nurus Links® connection point.

Eon Terminal’s anti-dust metal beams and easy to clean triangular form makes it a perfect choice. In addition, coffee tables can be mounted with Nurus Links® connection point including plugs, USB adaptors, and USB chargers.





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