Strategic Cooperation : Bernhardt Design by Nurus

Nurus and Bernhardt Design, American based design company, has started a strategic partnership where Nurus will be producing a new product portfolio under “Bernhardt Design by Nurus” name at its 45.000 m2 high technology production plant in Ankara.

With its international design awarded products, by underlining its global brand value, Nurus has taken an effective step which also includes an agreement for a selection as “Nurus by Bernhardt Design”. This selection will be produced by Bernhardt Design and sold in US market. The “Bernhardt Design by Nurus” product range will take their place in Turkey, Europe and Middle-East markets.

According to the agreement between two design oriented brands, Nurus, has chosen a selection of 9 products which are inline with Nurus brand identity and are designed by significant designers such as Charles Pollock, Arik Levy, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence, Yves Béhar.

“For me, loft is an evolution, a process of merging traditional values to create a modern hybrid; a new interpretation of life.” (Shelly Shelly)

“I wanted its form to flow under your eyes – to be a chair whose purpose is to support, but not influence.”(Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance) For more information about Chiara, click here.

“The appearance of an armchair can be interpreted in many ways. It is often the back that is discovered first, followed by the inner envelope. I designed Corvo with both views in mind.” (Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance)

"The Fly bench is about tension, a restrained yet compelling form, a solid oak plank lifted effortlessly in mid- air." (Yves Béhar

Aro is an expression of dynamism. It is a formal and constructive synthesis as it is spatially weightless – three loops put together with two legs – while functional." (Lievore Altherr Molina)

"Depending on how you dress it, Vika could be as comfortable on the set of Mad Men, as it would be in an iPad commercial or corporate lobby." (Monica Förster)

Mobile Not Portrait