Artistic Details…

The Atlantic lounge chair, designed by the Valencian design collective Culdesac, is a study in detail and balance. The beveled solid wood frame grounds the upholstery, as its contours balance graceful curves with dramatic angles. The artfully thin arms and back give Atlantic a lightness while still providing a sturdy structure for the loose cushions. The generous planes of the seat and back lend a modern aura as the carved base references traditional wood craftsmanship.



CuldeSac, based in Valencia, Spain is so much more than a collective design studio. CuldeSac was set up in August 2002 as a “creative space”, CuldeSac is an open, dynamic space, where creatives from different fields (electronics, furniture, lighting, painting, hairdressing) meet and join forces to develop shared projects under one common denominator: multidiscipline. The strength of the studio comes from the four core members—Francisco Pons, Alberto Martinez, Pepe Garcia and Pilar Roger—and other creatives from various disciplines coming from Spain and the rest of the world who join the team in meeting specific needs and demands of each individual project.

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