Working with the mission to improve the health of an ever-increasing number of people, Danone is a leader in the worldwide health-food sector and has chosen Nurus products to furnish its headquarters in Ataşehir, Istanbul. While designing the project, Sistema thought of every detail to provide all the needs of 90 employees. Nurus' innovative and environment-friendly products support and contribute to Danone's mission to promote the health of a maximum number of people with healthy and easily-accessible products.

The Pila desks used in the open offices help employees create personal space, thus increasing concentration and productivity. The exclusive electrification solution fitted to the desks eliminate the problem of messy cables. While the Cube drawers were designed with cushions to provide both storage and seating functionality, the Breeze office chairs were chosen for their 25o backrest tilt to ensure a relaxing working environment.  The Atlantic of the Bernhardt Design by Nurus Collection was used in the common areas to provide employees with space to relax with its stylish armrests and backrest and comfortably spacious cushions that give the feeling of lightness. The meeting areas were designed to be easily accessible, open to sharing and to promote an easy flow of information, creating a an easy-going environment where employees can work in unison.

Harmonising spaces with a balance of light and colour, Tara was used in the waiting areas in the corridors. 

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