Challenging Approach in Public Seating

Nurus is at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 that takes place in Geneva, Switzerland on the 09th to 11thof April, 2013. The brand presents its products, created with an international perspective in order to meet the expectations and needs of different cultures. Catching the eye with its innovative products, the brand continues to change the appearance of passenger terminals with different seating and lounge solutions. Distinguishing with its airport projects, Nurus is exhibiting at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013 taking place in Geneva. With its sustainable, innovative and functional design approach, Nurus is a worldwide office furniture brand that also offers architecture-based lifestyle solutions for different areas in the airports such as gate seating, back offices, counters, executive lounges, meeting spaces, internet hubs and food areas. Nurus creates a lounge feeling in gate seating by considering the different cultural structures, expectation levels and needs of countries with an international and human-focused perspective. Nurus has an expanded product portfolio, and introduces these solutions at Passenger Terminal Expo 2013.

Catching the eye with new product ideas, Nurus attaches great importance to functionality and design simultaneously. With its sustainable investment on innovative products at its new and high technology production facilities, the brand aims to change the appearance of passenger terminals with its different seating and lounge solutions. Nurus strengthens its position by creating new and innovative products that can be used as alternative to regular airport seating systems. The type of products Nurus offers for communal spaces differ from the typical bench-type seats that are commonly found in airports. Airports are where visitors expect high level of comfort since these are the environments where they think, wait, work, talk, read, walk around, communicate, connect, sit and rest. These technology and design investments have found body in the following national and international airport projects: S.G.International Airport Istanbul, Antalya International Airport, Turkmenistan International Airport, Skopje Alexander The Great Airport. 468 gate seating with 1404 people capacity were used in the project for domestic and international terminals, also more special areas such as CIP and VIP areas. In April 2012, Nurus delivered Bodrum International Airport’s public seating.

Concerning the location of Bodrum, an important destination for national and international guests for vacation, the airport is furnished with “lounge-seating” concept with the new and high-tech Nurus terminal seating product, Caria. This new project consisted of 323 seating with 1292 seaters. Nurus recently completed Kütahya Zafer Airport in Turkey. The facility with a total covered area of 27,000 m2 is built on 370 ha land. The only one terminal building of 17,600 m2 covered area is designed for domestic as well as for international passenger service. The building has 19 check-in counters and four gates. International passengers are handled at eight border checkpoints. There are four baggage carousels at the arrival hall. Zafer Airport's annual capacity is planned to be two million passengers. Nurus, with its highly strategic location, aims to reinforce its position in Europe, North Africa, MENA, Russia&CIS, The Balkans and the Gulf Region in order to be the sole solution provider for multinational key accounts in the region.

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