Digital Transformation in Offices: Nurus Links®


Digital Transformation in Offices: Nurus Links®

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Exclusive to Nurus products Nurus Links® is the fast, functional and practical solution to the changing needs of today and future.

Nurus Links® is the ultimate set of connectivity solutions integrated in furniture systems with desirable high technology features. Designed by Nurus D Lab to meet evolving needs of the users, Nurus Links® is available in many versions customizable according to purpose of use.

Nurus Links® consists a socket, USB charger and micro-USB cable, USB, CAT6, VGA and HDMI, which you can create different combinations according to your needs. Nurus Links® provides easy access to electrical connections without leaving your desk, also saves you from unnecessary cable clutter.

Internet Connection

Even the frequency changes between generations; Internet is a major tool and use on a regular basis in everyday life. Nurus Links® also provides Internet access with a CAT6 connection.

Rapid Charging

Variety of electronic devices is increasing depend upon the evolving technology and varying needs. Nurus Links® offers functional solutions with USB port, micro USB and socket for different devices.

You can easily pair your mobile device with Picnic (w/ desktop unit), which creates lively and energetic atmosphere at instant meetings, team works, individual workings, brainstorming and breaks by adding Nurus Links®.

Wireless Charging Unit

Now you just need to put your mobile devices on the Nurus Links® wireless charging unit for charging!


Stone pouffes help you to use your time efficiently and make your daily life easier by adding Nurus Links® wireless charging unit.

Note: Apple products may require suitable accessories or adapters for effective use of the wireless charging unit.


Sharing Multimedia

Nurus Links® enriches your working life by allowing you to share multimedia and data, as well as electrical connections and rapid charging capability.

Nurus Links® builds a functional and practical platform for collaborative work, video conferences and presentations by providing data transfer to screen through USB, VGA and HDMI inputs.

  • Nurus Links isola Meeting
  • Nurus Links2 Pit Stop
  • Nurus Links isola Media Wall

Our products such as Inno, Ashbury, Stone, Pitstop, Isola and Greta Meeting Modules, which we designed in accordance with evolving working culture and habits, offer functional and high-end technology solutions for meetings, presentations, trainings, teamwork and video conferences with Nurus Links®.


You can turn all workspaces into meeting, training and presentation areas with Media Wall, which can be used with up to 32-inch screens and allows data exchange with many mobile devices including laptops.


Installed Power vs. Consumed Energy: Nurus Links® Batteries 

Today, offices that support activity-based work replace personal offices and stable workspaces. At activity-based workspace employees are free to work wherever they want and with whomever they need, and they have the possibility to a complete mobile way of working. And they can create their own working methods according to their task.

Nurus Links Batteries

Nurus Links® batteries, designed and developed to meet all these needs, decreases the cost of setting up a new working and meeting spaces, and removes both the cable mess and the extra cost.

Batteries help creating various spaces tailored for the purpose of use such as individual work, teamwork, meetings, presentations, trainings or videoconferences.

In offices 5-10% of the energy is consumed of charging. You can transform anywhere a charging and a smart communication unit for sustainable energy distribution. By using Nurus Links® you can charge the battery at night either zero or low cost. The batteries provides energy efficiency, low installation effort and eliminates ‘always on’ adapters that consume 24/7 power.


Small and Large Batteries

The small battery that provides low energy consumption, you can charge your mobile devices, share data and energize IoTs (Internet of Things).

The large battery that can be programmed at different voltages, you can charge your computers, use reservation systems with PoT (Power of Ethernet) for common areas and adjust height of the sit-stand desks like Otto.


Nurus Links Online Rezervasyon

Reservation System

With batteries smart software, you can reserve a room or a table for individual work, teamwork or meetings as well as you can send notifications to the participants where you will work and what time. You can also pass on request to different units of company such as kitchen for beverages or technical support for equipment.





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