Uneo awarded IF Product Design Award 2016

Nurus' Martin Ballendat designed performance task chair that promotes healthy sitting habits, Uneo, has earned Turkey another prestigious award. Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2015, German Design Award 2016 Special Mention and Good Design Award, Uneo has been presented with the IF Product Design Award 2016


 Turkey's leading professional furniture manufacturer Nurus' modern performance task chair Uneo has received another award for its design. The chair that communicates with its user, Uneo, has received an IF Product Design Award.

Winning more than 50 international design awards since 1999, Nurus has proved with its new award that its designs are timeless.

First in Turkey to win the IF Product Design and Red Dot Product Design Award and a winner of more than 50 international awards, Nurus has demonstrated its creative success in the industry once more with its new design award.


A performance task chair that communicates with its user

Designed for Nurus by the internationally-acclaimed designer Martin Ballendat, Uneo communicates with its user with its Dyna-Support Plus® mechanism. Uneo not only adapts rapidly to body weights ranging from 45 to 120 kg, it also offers adjustable waist support that promotes healthy and comfortable sitting and allows personalised seating settings.

The Uneo performance task chairs have single-piece frames and armrests that can be tuned to the width of user's shoulders, allowing the weight of the body to be distributed evenly. This helps minimise the tension building on the shoulders and neck, letting the user work in comfort. With appealing colour options, Uneo is fitted with durable high-tech fabrics for prolonged use.




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