Nurus Combines Design with Emotional Intelligence at Passenger Terminal EXPO

 Turkey’s pioneering professional furniture manufacturer Nurus has carried the idea of emotional intelligence in design to the Passenger Terminal EXPO, which opened its doors at Kölnmesse in Germany.

Participating at the Passenger Terminal EXPO for the 7th time this year, Nurus started to host its visitors at stand no. 6070 in hall 10 with its sales teams from Turkey and Germany.

 NurusLinks® Integrated Airport Seats

The Penta and Caria NurusLinks® integrated airport seats are exhibited at Nurus’ 68m2 stand. Due to NurusLinks®, which is available on Nurus products, electronic devices can be paired with furniture, devices can be charged quickly, tasks can be solved easily with the multi-media features. In addition, the products Isola, Alava, Uneo, Sema, Claire, TO Console and TO table, which turn work and lounge spaces into more functional and comfortable areas, are displayed at the exhibition.     

 With nearly 4500 visitors from over 90 countries every year, Passenger Terminal Expo is widely received as the most prestigious airport exhibition in the world. Bringing pioneer companies and professionals from variable industries that provide solutions for airports s together, this year the exhibition hosts 232 companies. The exhibition covers an area of 12,000 m2 and is open until the 17th of March.     

 Offices Reflect The Change in the Business World

Nurus incorporates the emotional intelligence concept into work processes by taking into account that the notions of various age groups with completely different expectations and motivation sharing an office space, the work life and “the way we do things” have triggered an immense change. Observing that, this change increases the need for empathy, positive energy and synergy in offices, Turkey’s pioneering professional furniture manufacturer Nurus brings together emotional intelligence with technology and design for companies which focus on the EQ of their employees. Nurus, which stands out with its designs respecting human beings, reinvents the work space with its “Emotional Intelligence at the Office” concept.    


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