Nurus Levent Converted into ‘Experience Hub’.

Transforming the workspaces by combining handicraft with technology and creating new working cultures and habits with futuristic designs, Nurus invites you to live a new experience in its Levent building.

Nurus’ Chairman Güran Gökyay, Nurus’ Lead Designer Renan Gökyay and Nurus’ CEO Dinçer Sinici met with guests and press members in the Experience Hub that opened on 25 May 2017.

Designs that are focused on human health at every stage of the working life and products that have advanced technological features were introduced at the opening, and Nurus collaborated with brands such as Arçelik, Logitech and Dreamline.

The Experience Hub’s each floor is organized in a different theme as education area, house, workspace and waiting room, and also there is 'Co Working Coffee' on downstairs where teamworks and meetings can take place.

At the Nurus Levent Experience Hub, which was created with the aim of being a living and meeting center, visitors can create their own combinations, examine technological innovations, observe the new generation life and work space trends as well as explore the set decorations used with furniture, lighting, color, acoustics and materials together.

Each of the products you experience in the Levent Experience Hub can be applied to different working and living areas.

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