Nurus is Awarded for Sustainable Design Approach

Nurus, a leading furniture manufacturer in Turkey with quality designs, has entered the Green 100 list and received an award with Alava office chair designed by Stefan Brodbeck in this year’s sixth annual Green Good Design Awards 2015, an event where world’s top sustainable green designs are established.

Green Good Design Awards, an annual event that honors world’s prominent ecological and sustainable designs, is organized by the partnership of “Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design” and “European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies”. The Green Good Design program encourages and promotes eco-innovation, ecologic design, conservation, green technologies, renewable energy, and sustainability for a better world and environment.

Theme of this year’s contest, where the enriching community and human life is the most significant factor in awarding prizes, was ‘Build A Better World Now’. The jury for the organization, where more than a thousand designers competed to become one of the Green 100 with their most innovative green designs, consisted of architectural design professionals and prominent manufacturers from the European Centre of International Consulting Committee. Designs from 24 different countries were ranked as one of the Green 100 list consisting of this year’s best and most innovative green designs.

Nurus aims to minimize harmful effects against the environment in all stages from procurement to production, packaging and delivery. Having different color options and a modern appearance with its shell-like design, and manufactured with environmental consciousness and 100% recyclable materials; Alava’s sustainable design earned it a spot in this year’s Green 100 list. Having received its first Green Good Design Award, Nurus now has a total of 37 international awards .

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