HBR Happy Offices

We gave a speech in the “Cheerful Offices for Happy Employees” panel within the scope of the Harvard Business Review Happy Offices event.He mentioned that we can approach one step closer to happy offices by following the developing technology closer and by examining the requirements of changing working areas and expectations of the Y generation from office life and providing solutions accordingly. He also emphasized that happy offices can be made real through happy employees.

At the panel where Nurus comfort has been experienced Physiotherapist Önder Çerezci mentioned the effect of a healthy work environment on the productivity and motivation of the employees. He also mentioned that we have to understand the requirements of our bodies and to fulfill these requirements in a healthy manner in order to provide the highest productivity and motivation under intense work pressure. He emphasized that designing a healthy work environment should be our priority. He added that we should value ourselves and our employees in order to be successful and we should invest in the required areas in order to provide a healthy and happy work environment.

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