At Red Dot Design Awards, Nurus Has Added a New One to Its Awards in the International Arena

Nurus, one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers thanks to its qualified designs, won Red Dot Design Award with Uneo office chair design of Martin Ballendat in the product design category at Red Dot Design Awards, the most prestigious design award worldwide.

This year, the Red Dot jury comprising 38 design experts assessed 4,928 entries from 56 countries according to some criteria such as innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics, durability, environmental and ecological compatibility. The office chair Uneo became the owner of Red Dot Design Award since it is ahead of its competitors with its sympathetic and lightweight design supported by Dyna-Support Plus® mechanism which adapts to weight of users, allowing customized settings. Thanks to this new award-winning design, Nurus has become the winner of 36 awards granted by international competitions.

Deemed worthy of Red Dot design award, the office chair Uneo will be included in the catalog of Red Dot Winners 2015 and exhibited in the “Red Dot Design Museum” as well as the museum’s website for one year.

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