With Knowledge, Experience and Passion...

Nurus was established in Ankara as a carpenter’s workshop in 1927 by Nurettin Usta (Master). His daughter Birten Gökyay, the first female to register with Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) and her husband Akın Gökyay inherited it. A major step was taken in the name of becoming corporate and the Nurus brand was created from the name Nurettin Usta. In the 1990’s, Renan Gökyay and Güran Gökyay brothers, the family’s third generation, turned Nurus into an international brand recognized globally.

Nurettin Usta Furniture Group decided to specialize in the manufacturing of office furniture as a result of increasing demand from the private sector and public sector from 1980 on. Following the developing office furniture manufacturing, NURUS A.Ş. was established in 1983, NUMAŞ A.Ş. was established in 1990 and NUPA A.Ş. was established in 1991 joining the group.

Nurus People who respect tradition continue to work passionately, transferring their philosophy of sustainability during the design, manufacturing and management phases to the new generations.





We take inspiration from
your needs and dreams.

Understanding the customers and knowing their needs is a must.

To follow economic, cultural and social changes closely; to listen the users and understand their needs; to provide people-oriented solutions that satisfy ever-changing emotions and habits are the elements which build up the starting point of Nurus’ design approach.

In all of our projects we focus on the whole process from sales, production and after sales activities with great sensitivity to understand our customer’s needs, emotions and ideas. We strive to share our experiences, suggestions and solutions in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for all of our customers.

With a rational and people-oriented approach, we are happy to be able to reach more people each passing day, and make them one of the ‘happy’ members of the Nurus family.





The foundation of environmental awareness and responsibility is respect for nature and humankind..

The foundation of environmental awareness and responsibility is respect for nature and humankind.

Nurus understands, stands by, empathizes with humankind, and performs its responsibilities meticulously in every phase of manufacturing because of its farsightedness and the sustainability of life.

With its human oriented approach, Nurus cares for its employees as much as it does for its users; creating permanent solutions for the world we live in to be a better place.

Nurus makes the necessary investments with its knowledge and experience and shares this awareness with its suppliers and partners, as well as its employees. 


Efficient Source Management Provides Sustainability

Nurus works meticulously targeting to minimize the negative effects of nature at every phase; from supply to manufacturing, from packaging to delivery. With the “Digital Chain” system Nurus developed under the heading of integrated project management and transportation services, Nurus makes a point of using energy most efficiently by thinking green as well as quality manufacturing.

With the innovative strategies Nurus developed, it uses efficient design, structures and systems. Its production is done at a building that makes the most of natural daylight, which can use rainwater for watering the garden, which increases the quality of air and the amount of clean air inside the building, which has architectural characteristics that comply with green building criteria thanks to its heating-cooling and advanced acoustic management.


Motivation is one of the necessities of modern life.

Nurus People have stuck loyally to the same ethical values for 87 years; it is a large family consisting of employees, designers, suppliers, solution partners and users. Each member of the family is bound together by trust and loyalty.

Nurus understands the changing needs of people and produces solutions that are beyond its time, designing products that shape the future with its innovative approach based on research-development. Thanks to its expert staff, efficient human resources management and the systems it has developed, Nurus has the infrastructure that can manage the whole process from the commencement of the project to its delivery, on a digital platform.

As a requirement of quality and sustainability, Nurus continues its research and development studies. It achieves perfection in its products by always using the latest technology.



Contribution to human life and service to the society are Nurus’ priority corporate values

A company’s success involves its relations with national and international communities, economic, social and environmental relations and its sensitivity to human rights, as well as its success in the business field.
Nurus is committed to the corporate citizenship principle with the service it provides to its employees and the community, use of natural resources and the difference it creates in human life. Nurus has deep-rooted corporate values and takes its responsibility against the community seriously.
Nurus aims to contribute to human life, increase and develop quality of life and supports social responsibility projects.



Manufacturing with Passion is in Nurus’s DNA.

Nurus redefines living areas with its products that are harmonious with one another and that can be easily individualized.

Its metal factory is an Aydın Binzet design, a reflection of Nurus’ simplistic design understanding with its architectural and engineering parameters. This steel construction and its prefab of approximately 40.000 m2 was constructed with a planned manufacturing capacity of 150 thousand pedestals, 200 thousand desk and panel carcasses.


Sustainable Manufacturing Planning

Nurus makes sure that the materials used in manufacturing are in conformity with international norms and standards, are certified, recyclable and environmentally friendly. The same sensitivity is reflected in it is technology investments.

Nurus informs its users and suppliers about issues of sustainability, contributing to the development of environmental awareness.

Nurus is a member of FIRA (Furniture Industry Association) and BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) and holds the EN ISO 9001:2001 (Quality Management System Standard) certificate since 1996, EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System Standard) certificate since 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health and Safety Management System Standard Certificates) certificate since 2007 to present. .


Conscious Manufacturing for the Permanence of Life

The factory is one of most modern facilities in Europe, with its developed production capability, technological and environmentally friendly machinery. Nurus is sensitive to CE Norms, work safety and the environment and has a regeneration system that recovers energy. The manufacturing technology enables less waste material to go to the chemical waste treatment facility.

With raw material selection rules, specific separate and common durability tests applied to each product, the long lasting Nurus products holding international certificates have a major place in the world market.



Nurus Designs Motivation!

For Nurus, design is not a beginning but the end of a phase
that begins with need.

Nurus Design Lab sets off with humankind, its environment and benefit, keeping esthetics, ergonomics and sustainability on the foreground.



Innovative Designs, Products that are beyond Their Time

With its faith in design and the investments it makes, Nurus plays a major role in the development of Turkish Industrial Design in the global market. Its passion is influential behind Nurus’ bold steps. Nurus researches and observes user needs and creates pioneering products. Through technology and engineering, it transforms its product designs into reality.
Nurus closely follows the economic, cultural and social changes in society, designing products that answer to the needs of today and the future with its innovative vision.


Products that Add Value to Life

Nurus was deemed worthy of many prestigious international awards with its functional and innovative products that stand the test of time.

Never losing its team spirit, Nurus Design Lab works in harmony and collaboration with other designers from design to product development.

Nurus Design Lab maintains the perfect balance between design and nature, transforming exciting ideas to products that add value to life.


Smart Design Strategy

Nurus approaches design management as a phase where marketing is the beginning.

Following the fairs all over the world, Nurus creates its marketing strategy by listening to competitor analysis and the needs of local-international markets. Thus, the right criteria are put forward during the designing phase.Nurus products are finalized after a careful evaluation of these ideas and criteria.

Nurus cemented its global presence with a new international award on its 80th anniversary; it as deemed worthy of an honorable mention by Design Management Europe Awards, in the category of Middle Sized Enterprises.


Global Presence

Nurus joined Turquality; a state supported brand building program, in 2012 as one of the 16 local brands in Turkey. Nurus is ready to increase its international collaborations with Turquality.

Nurus is aiming to strengthen its collaboration with many countries from Abu Dhabi to India, Italy to New Zealand and realize successful projects in the international market with its innovative, creative and functional designs



Nurus is exporting to more than 30 countries with its own brand.


Nurus is exporting its own brand as a single point supplier to many parts of the world from its logistic headquarters with high tech metal, wood, laminate, lacquer and upholstery manufacturing facilities.

In line with its target of being the regional leader, Nurus is opening up monobrand stores in the Gulf countries, increasing its strength in the region.



Zero Margin of Error from Manufacture to Delivery with it’s Digital Chain®


With the passion deep-rooted in its genetics, Nurus provides innovative services to its business partners and users. From the beginning of the project to delivery and product use, the whole process is managed from a platform called the Digital Chain with Nurus’ advanced technology and systems.




It provides a 3D product database that the business partners and users can use for project development and management. The database includes the complete design, manufacturing, logistic and pricing details.



In line with the project management, the phase of its users from manufacturing, to loading of the product, its arrival at the project site, delivery and the installation of the products.




Commissioner is the link of the digital chain that serves the Product delivery phase. The minute the container reaches the site; it takes over the management and supervising duty. First, it justifies that the products reached the site in full. Afterwards, it ensures that the products are transferred to their positions set forth in the project. Performs damage control and manages the product installation phase.



It manages the matching of the users’ fixture records with the products during the project acceptance stage and the needs that may arise during the usage of the products.

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