Leading GSM operator Turkcell decided to move its headquarters to a new campus in order to increase efficiency and provide a more functional office environment for employees. Through this change, Turkcell

was aiming to reflect the corporate value proposal – communication and high-technology for the whole workplace. Besides technology integration, implementing a flexible working environment was needed for the project.


Inspired by company’s informative-communicative techno character, Tabanlıoğlu Architects designed the multi-level plan, and gray colored metallic materials are paired with bright colors. The open office areas connecting with large and small meeting rooms, break out areas, and modular lounges for multiple functions and freedom during office hours. Workplaces are designed with hi-tech desks called London Bench and Me Too chairs and storage spaces. The London Bench supports communication and allows to switching the personal desk to a meeting table by moving screen that has integrated lighting. For open offices and fitness area, the perforated ceiling is designed by Nurus’ contract division.


Turkcell’s new office is giving employees a number of optio to enjoy and create opportunities for collaboration. London Bench allows employees switching to activity based working. The office reflects corporate values from top to bottom and provide the effective combination of communication and technology for 3000 employees.

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