Project Site: Ankara, Turkey
Project Type: Office
Owner of the Project: Turkish Contractors Association
Interior Design Project: Avcı Architects
All furniture and solutions: Nurus
Photos: Yusuf ÖzkançFethi Mağara 

The building of the Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) where interior design is carried out by Avcı Architects and Nurus products are used, boasts a permeable structure which reflects the Association’s transparent approach to administration.


The building where passive heating and cooling techniques are used is a pioneer in Turkey in many respects. The reinforced concrete maze built under the parking lots in the basement floors provide an occasion to employ the climatic characteristics of the region. The temperature difference between the day and the night serves to minimize energy consumption during heating and cooling. The maze stores the cool air during the night and manages to reduce the impact of the hot weather during the day. In the winter, it stores the temperature under the ground and uses it during the day. Pioneered by this building in Turkey, the chilled beams supporting the efficiency of the maze help heat management in the building. The steel layer is a specific solution for the management of temperature and light distribution in the space. Solar panels installed on the roof where LED lights are used, help meet some of the energy needs of the building. There is also a system which treats rain water, enabling water savings of around 80 per cent. Glass is used as the main material in interior partitions, while privacy is also duely respected. After a long assessment process, the visionary TMB building was awarded LEED Platinum Certificate in Leed BD+C: New Construction category thanks to its innovative architecture. The relationship of the building to its geographical and climatic context, its resource utilization and treatment management systems, its energy performance including the construction phase, and topics such as daylight, quality of air and heat comfort in the interior space are some of the issues considered during the assessment leading up to the granting of the certificate.


The spacious and high-quality interior design created by Avcı Architects expands over an area of 5500 m2 and features only recyclable materials. Nurus not only contributed to the TCA building with office furniture; its unique experience and expertise was also instrumental in creating an innovative solution in the acoustic design of the conference room. Nest is used in the conference rooms, turning them into flexible office spaces where Tune chairs are utilized. These chairs are stackable and provide for a more efficient use of the space.

Used in management offices, Inno sets an example for the marriage of crafts and technology while Next used for middle managers underscores the simplicity of the space. The comfortable and friendly Tan and Juna armchairs are used in the offices for hosting guests while managers use Me Too as office chairs. Greta armchairs are placed in the waiting spaces in the general offices which feature U Too desks and Breeze office chairs.

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