Sompo Japan


Nurus Solutions for Sompo Japan Insurance Company


Nurus sets new standards with the design and production of office furniture by combining design and technology. The inspiring solutions perfectly fit the Sompo Japan, considered a pioneer in the insurance sector. The Kavacık (Istanbul) office space covers 1700 m2. It evokes positive feelings, energises and strengthens the exchange and communication among employees. At the same time, the newly created space concept offers an inspiring and functional environment.

Created by Sistema, the interior design provides a comfortable space for 125 employees. The new office is a perfect synergy of modern design and comfort. The various departments are divided by the application of an orange and green colour concept. It is also applied for the screens used in the project zones and standard workstations. U Too workbenches and the LGA GS certified Breeze performance task chairs offer a maximum of ergonomics and allow for individual settings. The Varto panel system integrates electrification and elegantly separates the printer zone from the open offices.

The social areas speak the same language where Stone, which is inspired by nature, and the softly quilted Greta sofa provide cosy and functional comfort. Colourful bar stools Eon complete the perfect setting. Last but not least, Nest tables offer flexible solutions and can be used to create multiple arrangements in one area for training and conference in combination with the easily stackable Eon chairs.



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