Located at TechnoPark (Yıldız Technical University), MetGlobal is using Nurus products in its office with a total 900 square meters area with 350 employees working which has been designed in cooperation with OSO Architecture.

Different departments have been separated from each other through color in the office where modern design and comfort intersect. Work stations have been established through “U Too” work system produced with aluminum injection enabling different settings and variable working habits have been resolved through a single product group. Within the project which department colors have been reflected on the intermediate panels; LG GS certificated, ergonomic and easily individualized performance task chair “Breeze” has been preferred. Convenience has been provided regarding cable storage by means of the cable covers on the “U Too” table used in the meeting rooms and the box under the cover. Eon (with writing pad) in different colors has been preferred for the MetGlobal training room.

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