Offering its services in retail business for more than 30 years, Koray Sports enjoys Nurus comfort in its office based on 2,000 square meter area. Housing its team consisting of 46 people built on team spirit, Koray Sports office, designed by Plan B Architecture, was projected by taking into consideration emotional and physical sides of the architecture. While the colourful expressions of sports brands within the company enliven the ambiance, the material selection supporting the corporate identity has just completed the project.

Plan B Architecture - Architect Seçil Bulcan Ürküt

Departing from Koray Sports daily work flow, the Stone that was chosen for the visitors to feel themselves in a sports centre, to meet comfort in waiting rooms gave the opportunity to design an energetic environment with different colours. While a special open office was planned for the departments responsible for packaging and boxing, the installation was made by taking into consideration the requirements of the automatic conveyor system. By taking into consideration that it is a sports materials sales office, an exhibition area at the reception desk where samples of offered products are displayed. The user-friendly and perfectly supporting “Me too office chair” has put the office in order with Silva among the work systems. As for the U too work system used in executive rooms, it has completed the young and modern image of the project.
The coloured lines that facilitate the orientation on office floors creates a space perception which invite the users to discover, and dynamism in work environment was also emphasised. Along with the conception of open office, the offices and the departments were separated with glass walls to enable transparent communication and get maximum benefit from the daylight.

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