GfK İstanbul

Nurus offers fast and effective solutions to employees whose habits and needs change; it makes working hours more efficient through products that can be personalized. Offices that bear Nurus’s signature are meeting points for innovation, technology and creativity. One such innovative office is GfK’s Bomonti Office, the most recent office project Nurus supported.

The office designed in cooperation with Studio Vertebra is composed of a 1473 m2 mezzanine floor and 1383 m2 ground floor which comprise 2 general manager rooms and 9 manager rooms. The GfK open plan office for 266 employees and four “call centers” for 11, 16, 17 and 19 employees were designed for the comfort of a total of 340 people.

All sections were marked by different colors in order to manage GfK’s services in the most productive manner and to bring dynamism to the work space.
The Focus Room on the mezzanine floor creates a comfortable meeting venue whereas the Observation Rooms has a seating plan that is ideal for observation. The Debrief Room is marked by a flexible and comfortable seating plan. The company’s seminar rooms are dynamic spaces dominated by products of different colors; the space puts to the fore the needs and wishes of the users.

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