Alliance One

Alliance One now uses Nurus products

Alliance One with experience over 10 years in İzmir, now uses Nurus products. Architectural project carried out by Teksoy İnşaat and interior design completed by DT Architecture, a modern work environment was designed for 35 people within the 2,000 m2 area in Torbalı, İzmir. Geometric patterns were used in the building which had an existing organic architecture a contrasting style. An efficient use of space is created with Lunar desks and Breeze office chairs in open offices and a functional working space is achieved by bringing the electric system to the desks through Basic Box cabinets. Next desks helped to put an impact  in executive offices, and meanwhile Greta sofa groups created a warm and cozy environment for the guests. D chair colorful meshbacks combined with rich colors used to support the dynamic design of the space. The project highlighted simplicity through color transition with the help of Nurus touch along with other selected products, and that created a natural and comfortable workspace.

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