Abdullah Gül University

Nurus, one of the leading professional furniture manufacturers who has accomplished numerous local and international special projects with their quality designs, has brought a breath of fresh air with their products to Abdullah Gül University in Kayseri. The 23 thousand 400 square meters historical building that once used to be the factory of Sümerbank adopted its ideal structure with Nurus’s uniquely designed furniture.

The interior design of the building located in a first-degree protection area was remodeled without damaging the present texture. As part of the project, study areas, classrooms, common areas, library, conference room, academic and administrative staff rooms were rearranged with solutions designed by Nurus.

Nurus Executive Board Member Güran Gökyay, who indicated that they have taken a step with a new perspective by going beyond the conventional university concept, said: “Lately universities have become institutions where technology is used intensively, social spaces are valued, and horizontal hierarchy is prioritized. Horizontally progressing hierarchical structure comes into prominence while the academicians and students’ need for private space increases. It is necessary to primarily analyze the user’s needs in detail in order to fulfill all of these needs. Even though sectorial necessities form the basis for needs, you need to understand the different needs of every institution’s own specific working culture, and provide solutions for the many problems hidden in the details”.

Abdullah Gül University Architecture Department Head Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burak Asiliskender, who has spoken about the building that has been customized with products demanded due to need, said: “About the positioning of furniture and the process related to the usage of the building, we have prepared this plan with a model in which the one who teaches is equal to the one who listens, and students have louder voices. The choice of furniture and classroom utility models in Abdullah Gül University suited this notion. Every piece of furniture and every area within the building is, in fact, a part of education. We have utilized every piece of furniture and every area with this point of view, and in accordance with our needs. We have studied every detail of the project together with Nurus. In that sense, Nurus products have completely met our needs and provided us with very good alternatives. Shelves that are hollow at the back have allowed us to create a sensation of depth and airiness at the library, where it is usually difficult to achieve a sense of airiness”.

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