Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA)

Germany based Landesgewenbeanstalt Bayern has a history going back to the end of 1860s. LGA, which belongs to TÜV Rheinland Group since January of 2007, certifies products that have internationally acclaimed high quality and security standards. LGA which has offices and laboratories in over 30 countries is a certification institute which specializes in especially furniture and toys.

One of the world’s best personal
performance task chairs. 


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Perfect at every Angle!

Me Too completes the body perfectly and offers smart solutions to the needs of business life. Each detail of Me Too is designed with technology, experience and care; and it protects your body by minimizing fatigue for as long as you work.

Me Too helps users to adopt a habit of sitting properly, supporting the upper part of the spine and the shoulders and protecting the neck. It allows safe freedom of movement, by offering stability via its 70 cm base diameter, even if the center of gravity changes.

Me Too offers the user a personal and comfortable work environment, and it is highly adjustable, thanks to its Fluid Motion® and Fluid Motion Plus® mechanisms.

“We are using Me Too as personnel chairs in all our offices since 2009.
The fact that its mesh back rest is different and comes in various colors is an added bonus to our office design. Durability is an important criterion is open office systems that are constantly on the move like us and the strong make of the mechanisms are the motivation point for us to still be using the product.” 

Feyza Çiftçi
TURKCELL General Directorate – Senior Architect

“A product that makes you feel as comfortable as home in the office. I enjoy using it.’’

Merve Fındık Erdağı
TURKCELL – Purchasing

“Spending the most productive hours of my day on a work chair so comfortable that I forget about it leaves me with more energy for our play time at home with my son. As a designer rather than concentrating on the ergonomic mistakes of my work chair, I would rather enjoy the comforts of a chair with many awards like Me Too.  Nurus has always been supportive in reflecting our brand’s design focused approach and made it easy for us to create the productive atmosphere we present our employees.”

Özgür Uşaklıgil
Atlas Halı - Design Coordinator

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Backrest Tilt

In compliance with European standards, Me Too is suitable for users weighing between 45 to 120 kg. Me Too has a front tilt capacity of 8 degrees, 25 degrees backrest tilt, and it may be locked in 4 different positions.

During the back tilt, the seat moves about 2.7/1, and offers a balanced protection of the distance between the lower back and sitting surface. 



Front Tilt

With its Front Tilt ability up to 3 degrees, Me Too gets you adopt an optimal sitting habit. 


Structural Flexibility!

The three dimensional organic form of Me Too, which was developed using high technology, provides support to the lower back, neck and back with its reflexes in harmony with all the movements made during work. 



Seat Slide

The adjustability of the seat slide in performance task chairs provides the correct sitting position for users with different leg lengths.


Fluid Motion in Harmony with your Body

The unique Fluid Motion® mechanism of Me Too has the easily adjustable backrest tension to maintain the health and comfort of the user. 


Lumbar Support

Me Too’s lumbar support can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and continues to protect while relaxing the lower back.

Armrest Height

Me Too minimizes conditions like the carpal tunnel syndrome that may occur in the arm, elbow or wrist, thanks to its independent and adjustable armrests.


Armrest Pad Width

Me Too’s Armrest can be easily and quickly adjusted for users with different body sizes.


Armrest Width

Me Too’s armrest can be adjusted according to shoulder width, distributing the user’s body weight in balance and allowing the body to move. Thus, helping to decrease the fatigue building up on the shoulders and neck..


Armrest Pad Rotation

Me Too’s armrest pads that can rotate 360 degrees follow your elbows in different angles, decreasing the load off the shoulders, while helping to maintain the posture. 


Armrest Pad Movement

Me Too’s armrest pad with forward and backward motion supports the elbow in various work positions. 



Neck Support Angle

Me Too’s neck support angle provides comfort of use for users with different neck structures. 



Neck support Height

Me Too’s adjustable neck support minimizes conditions that may occur in the neck.

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Being human is to care for future generations.



Me Too holds the (GS CERTIFICATE)- German quality approval certificate and the (TSE) Suitability to Turkish Standards certificate and 28,7% recycled material is used in its manufacturing.

The fabrics used in the product have the OEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD, FLAME RETARDANT and RECYCLABLE certificates. The fabrics used in Me Too’s backrest and seat have passed tests for abrasion resistance (Martindale test), light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02), fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12), and fire resistance that are in conformity with European norms.


It is manufactured at Bock GmbH & Co., which has DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System Standard certificates. The products are assembled at the Numaş A.Ş. facility in Ankara, holding the ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001 - Health and Safety Management System Standard Certificates.

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge, laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


Weighing only 13,5 kg, Me Too’s packaging size was kept minimal to decrease energy use during transportation. Its packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.


Me Too is a user-friendly product with its easy and individualized use. The manufacturing of the product and the quality standards of its materials allow the product to have a long life. The parts are replaceable and renewable. International bodies certify Me Too’s high level of product security.

End of life

The product is 95,3% recyclable. 99,9% of the materials used in the products may be used for other purposes. It is easy to disassemble.


Me Too

is a personal performance chair.



Award Winning Comfort and Harmony

One of the world’s best and most design award winning chair, Me Too, directly conveys Nurus’ health and individual focused attitude. In compliance with European standards and with its Fluid Motion technology, it offers unique solutions to different needs.

Designed by Nurus D Team in 2007, Me Too has been awarded Good Design Chicago, IF Product Design and Red Dot Design Award design awards, by international independent juries. These awards led to a nomination to the Designpreis Deutschland 2009 award, held under the patronage of the German Ministry of Economy and Technology.


Nurus Design Lab


Nurus D Lab (Nurus Design Lab) is effective in every phase, from determining the design strategy of the brand to launching the product in the market. During the product development phase, Nurus Design Lab cooperates with other designers in harmony and cooperation. The starting point for the designs is the user’s needs and functionality. The phase continues with ergonomics, sustainability and aesthetic concerns and stays up-to-date by following technological developments.

For more information on Nurus D Lab and to see all the designs please click here.


Almanya Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı tarafından 39. kez düzenlenen Alman Tasarım Konseyi’nin organize ettiği, uluslararası ödül sistemlerinde ödül alan ürünler arasından yapılan sıkı bir elemenin sonucunda DesignPreis Deutchland 2009 Nominee ödülüne layık görüldü. Çok uluslu büyük şirketlerin en yeni ürünlerinin de yer aldığı binlerce ürün arasından Me Too; ergonomi, fonksiyonellik, kullanım kolaylığı, çevrecilik, yenilikçilik gibi alanlarda üstün başarı gösterdi.

Chicago Athenaeum Mimarlık ve Tasarım Müzesi tarafından 1950 yılından bu yana gerçekleşen Good Design Chicago ödüllerine 2008 yılında başvuruldu ve Me too başarısını bu kez uluslararası jüriler tarafından tescilledi.

International Forum Design Hannover tarafından 50 yılı aşkın süredir düzenlenen ve uluslararası jüriler tarafından değerlendirilen ödüllendirme sistemi IF Product Design Awards değerlendirmelerinden ödül ile döndü! Sistem içindeki ergonomiden tasarıma, güvenlikten kullanılan malzemeye kadar 100’e yakın kriter Me Too özelinde değerlendirildi ve 2008 yılında ofis ürünleri kategorisinde ödül almaya hak kazandı.

Başlangıcı 1955 yılına uzanan Red Dot Design Award ödül sisteminde 2008 yılında Me too, Red Dot Product Design Winner 2008 ödülüne layık görüldü.