Nostalgic lines reviving the 60s.


Nostalgic lines reviving the 60s.

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Retro lines to today

Greta integrates the past with the future, carrying the spirit of the 60’s with its retro lines to today.

While allowing effective construction of limited spaces and personalization with its back shelf option, Greta adapts to its environment with its rich color options. Its durable structure, soft quilted fabric and lightness help make living spaces comfortable. Greta creates warm and fun spaces.


“We designed our office together with Nurus. We are quite happy with Flat’s furniture quality, and modern design. I can say that our employees are also very happy.”

Bilgen Yıldırım

Human Resources Director  






“Providing visuality, quality and aesthetics for our living and working areas with its wide product spectrum, and giving confidence with its sale and post sale services,  Nurus Nurettin Usta Project, Decoration, Furniture Production and Marketing Exportation Importation and Transportation Incorporated Compay has been a brand which we are glad to work with..”


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Being human is to care for future generations.



The cushion used in the manufacturing of Greta and the E1 standard plyboard material used in its frame are 100% reusable. The fabrics used in its upholstery hold the TREVIRA CS, OEKO-TEX 100 STANDARD, IMO-MED and RECYCLABLE Certificates. The fabrics have passed the abrasion resistance (Martindale test), light fastness (EN ISO 105-B02), fastness to rubbing (EN ISO 105-X12) and fire resistance tests, which are in conformity with European norms.


Greta is manufactured at Numaş A.Ş. facilities, which the holds ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System Standard certificates.

Waste Management

At Numaş A.Ş., the waste chemical materials like powder paint, wet paint, thinner, chemical material packaging, phosphate sludge and laser dust are sent to relevant companies for recycling or are disposed in a manner that will not harm the environment.


Greta’s packaging is manufactured from 100% recyclable material. The product packaging has been kept minimal in size, to decrease energy use during transportation.


The quality standards of Greta’s manufacturing and material, allow the product to have a long life. International bodies certify its high level of product security.

End of Life

The materials used in the manufacturing of Greta may be re-used or recycled at the end of its product life.





Nurus Design Lab

Nurus D Lab (Nurus Design Lab) is effective in every phase, from determining the design strategy of the brand to launching the product in the market. During the product development phase, Nurus Design Lab cooperates with other designers in harmony and cooperation. The starting point for the designs is the user’s needs and functionality. The phase continues with ergonomics, sustainability and aesthetic concerns and stays up-to-date by following technological developments.

For more information on Nurus D Lab and to see all the designs please click here.