As cosy and fun as it is comfortable.

Lips design corresponds with your body’s centre of gravity, and provides comfort both when rocking and still. Lips’ energizing form helps keep you in a comfortable sitting position, and supports creativity and free thought in brainstorm meetings. Along with carefully calculated measurements and balanced structure, Lips’ light weight makes it very easy to move.

Lips is an ideal choice for various environments, including homes, creative work spaces, social areas, and recreational areas.

Nurus Lips Awards


Nurus D Lab

Always up-to-date with science and technology, Nurus D Lab designs products that are ahead of their time. Through human-centered observation, prototyping and in respect to trending needs and dreams, the team works diligently. Coming up with meaningful and reflective design solutions only marks the start of the process: From strategy to launch and support, D Lab manages it all. Each detail is attended and tested through at the advanced level.

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