Enchanting effect of details.


Forest displays the details of both a tree and a forest at the same time with its design properties. It symbolizes a tree in winter with its symmetrical circular body and vertical chromium bars. The horizontal bars are the shining branches of a tree under the sunlight.

Each random looking piece helps attaining the unexpected harmony. A Forest makes a nice object while multiple Forests make a perfect space.


Arik Levy

Arik Levy was born in Tel-Aviv in 1963 and at the age of 27, he went to Europe leaving behind his graphic design studio and surfboard store. In 1991, Levy graduated with distinction, from Industrial Design, Art Center Europe in Switzerland. After the Seiko Epson competition he won in Japan, he focused on his career as a professional designer and participated in various design exhibitions.

Levy develops interior and graphic design projects for European and international markets in L Design based in Paris, with his partner Pippo Lionni and their team of designers.

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