Tranquil and natural curves of a river bed...

Vika which was inspired by the active, lively and changing scenery formed by the rivers of Switzerland, has the beauty and wavy shape of this geographical scene. Vika, which looks as natural and random as the nature itself has delicate lines that emphasize the feeling of fluidity. Vika hides its master craftsmanship in its details and allows various combinations with the richness of its material and fabric options.

Vika has two versions. The first version has a fiberglass frame and a leather or fabric inner surface. In the second version, both the inner and outer surfaces can be leather, vinyl or fabric. Vika is a perfect product to create an impressive look in the area with its organic lines, large seat and multi purpose usage. Vika has two versions with its white fiberglass frame and leather or fabric inner surface; or leather, vinyl or fabric upholstered inner and outer surfaces.

Monica Förster

Born in Stockholm, Monica Förster graduated from Beckmans School of Design, Sweden in 1995 and from Konstfack, University of Arts and Crafts and Design in 1997. Förster is the creator of some of the most internationally renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design today. Förster is invited often to teach at Swedish and many international universities and institutes.

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